About Butte College

Butte College is a rare institution that embodies all the best features found in California. We are rural and quaint, yet near to several large metropolitan areas. To the East, are the breathtaking Sierra Nevada Mountains. To the West we have the Coastal Range and then the romantic Pacific Ocean. Sacramento and San Francisco are to our South, Mount Shasta and Shasta Lake lie to our North, and Scattered around us like precious gems are Mt Lassen, Lake Almanor, Lake Oroville, and every kind of river you could hope for.

Life is good here!

I teach for the Computer Science Department, and teaching here is the most fun and rewarding work I have ever had. I get the best students! They are bright and motivated. Many are even kind enough to laugh at my jokes. Most of them will succeed beyond all expectations, including their own.

We offer An AS Transfer Major in Computer science which is highly acclaimed, and several career path courses that are as exciting as they are unique. One, the IT Specialist Series, is an nine month “boot Camp” that covers: A+ computer repair, CCNA networking, MCSE training, and Security +. Normally, it would take students at least three years to finish these courses. We now teach them in a Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm format that is “hands on”. Students not only read about the systems, they build them. Those who make it all the way through deserve a lot of respect. It is one tough and intense learning experience! I know because I put myself through it to make sure it could be done.

Robotics, Graphic Design, Web Development, Microsoft Security, and SQL are all courses that we are deploying in order to meet the growing demand for skilled professionals in those glamorous fields.

Our Curriculum also covers the entire spectrum of Computer Science from basic skills to advanced programming in VB, C++, Assembly Language, and JAVA. In Short, we have it all!

If you want more information, go to:

http://cit-butte.net OR http://csci.butte.edu/

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